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Today, right now, there are Over 2000! tunes in NusachDB. As previous posts have pointed out, the method of counting can sometimes inflate totals, so what this number means is a bit unclear because it depends on how you group texts. Is the same melody for two texts one tune or two tunes? If it’s two tunes, what happens if I subdivide a text into many parts, all of them having the same tune? Right now, that Over 2000! count counts them all separately. There’s also a bit of a counting problem elsewhere, where a section that exists in multiple places is only counted once, but a tune that exists in multiple sections is counted multiple times. Regardless.

THERE ARE OVER 2000! TUNES IN NUSACHDB! Specifically, as of right now, 2001. BECAUSE 2001 IS OVER 2000!

Coming up May 22nd is the first birthday of NusachDB, which means that I’ve added Over 2000! tunes within one year, and there are plenty more to go. I’m going one service at a time, going through the first 30-odd sites on Nusach Resources and occasionally elsewhere as well, which means there are hundreds of sites that I’ve barely even looked at that will have more tunes. Friday night is done on those sites, except, of course, Piyut, with way more recordings than I can cover in time. If I went through all of the relevant recordings on Piyut before moving on, I would end up spending probably about 75% of my time there. So I’m going through it as a break between other sites so that more services can be covered.

Other interesting things: Brickoff, the game I’m working on, is at the playable demo stage. There are only three levels done and the ending sound effects are missing; I’m working on the fourth. Everything is done in JavaScript, from scratch, and that includes the physics and the sounds! Everything is dynamically generated. So far people have found it fun to play; we’ll see how it turns out!

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