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Two more plugins; get them here!

UPDATE: You can also get them at the Sibelius website here and here.

Remove MIDI Pitch Bends just removes MIDI pitch bends, which is pretty useful if you bend a lot of pitches.  Offtonic 19-TET, on the other hand, is, in my humble opinion, a giant leap for microtonal composition!  …OK, my opinion may not be so humble.  It is, however, very cool, at least to a microtonal nerd like myself.  I’ll analyze the 19-TET scale in detail in a later post, with musical examples that I created using this very plugin, but for now, enjoy composing in 12-TET’s closest microtonal cousin!

Normally I’d also talk about the challenges I faced when writing these plugins, but honestly, it wasn’t so hard.  I looked at existing plugins to get an idea of the idioms, I looked at the .plg file in a text editor to see how the script was stored, and I wrote.  I would, however, be very glad to answer any questions about ManuScript, the plugin language.  Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments.

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